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12 Beers of Xmas – No.1 – Wild Beer Co Ninkasi

Hmm, Christmas eh? For me, Christmas involves a shuffle up and down the Country, rotating between Kent and Yorkshire. Today is shuffle-eve – last minute wrapping, lunch with the Mother-in-Law, tidying away all the old toys and trying to find room for the new wave.

Inbetween fending off an sore throat and packing the car for a five hour drive, I’m generously sharing my first Beer of Xmas with my wife. The true spirit of Christmas! Anyway, we’ve cracked open this bottle of Wild Beer Ninkasi and it’s not disappointing.


I first tried this beer in The Hanging Bat, Edinburgh, and it’s been a firm favourite since. Brewed with Champagne yeast and apple juice, it lends itself to celebratory occasions and has become our default ‘treat’ beer. While Becky isn’t massively into Beer, she knows what she likes and for her Ninkasi represents an equivalent of , if not a better alternative to, quality sparkling wine.

Christmas is about enjoying the company of others, finding common ground and memorable times, and Ninkasi is certainly a Beer which matches with that experience.


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