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12 Beers of Xmas – To Øl – Jule Mælk

The winds were with us today – 4hrs 13min from West Yorkshire to Margate. All the Beer in the boot survived intact which is a blessing and a curse. With limited fridge space due to the annual overstock of Meats and Treats, I’ve brought mostly strong, dark beers that will be sufficiently acclimatised with an hour out in the back yard.

With the apprentice final on in one corner, it’s rantin’ season and the fuel for my sneering is To Øl’s Jule Mælk. Pouring pitch black, but with a yellowish taint to the edges, and a thin mocha head, this Imperial Stout is definitely snooze inducing at 15% abv. Going past the initial boozy hit, lactic cappuccino flavours dominate, but with a sharp salty caramel aftertaste.

Despite the strength and a sweetness that some may find cloying, I’m enjoying this and finding it incredibly drinkable – I’ve tried to approach it as a slow sipper but it has proved too irresistible and I’m halfway down with 15 minutes. After a long drive, I’m settled in and ready for a doze!


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