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12 Beers of Xmas – To Øl – Mine is bigger than yours

Stuffed. Eaten loads. Including about 5 slices of chocolate mousse pudding cake thing. Dropped off and startled awake by my laughter slapping my legs and laughing at me…not sure if a large glass of Barley Wine is the best idea.


But it is Christmas so off I go, cap popped! The glass fills, and the increasingly opaque mahogany beer kicks out a sweet aroma. It may just be the leftovers but it smells like Christmas Cake and Grand Marnier. A lightly carbonated mouthfeel, it’s smooth and strangely creamy and belies the 12.5% abv. That familiar fruity flavour is present but also cocoa and a slight smokiness. Absolutely no alcohol burn, which you’d expect from seasoned cuckooers like To Øl.

So, halfway through and not a disappointing #12BeersofXmas yet. My favourite so far is probably the De Molen Amarillo, although tonight’s selection is pushing it close. Might be changing up the remaining choices when I return to Leeds tomorrow after a very productive visit to the Bottle Shop Canterbury.


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