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12 Beers of Xmas – Gouden Carolus Christmas

Had enough Christmas yet? Have you?! For me the festive season is pretty much over now. Work looms on Monday, I’ve got no NYE plans and 2015 looms over me. There, now I’ve cheered you up, let’s talk about Beer, baby.

Tonight’s offering is Gouden Carolus’ Christmas jollop, not having tasted their regular offerings before I have no comparisons to make’ nor insight into how they usually roll. I picked this up on a whim while visiting the Bottle Shop in Canterbury and I’ve subbed it in to my 12 beers in an equally whimsical fashion.

Enough whimsy, let’s drink it. This pours a dark ruby red, lovely aroma of liquorice and aniseed, slightly thin but with a warming finish and a good spritzy young tickle. 8 out of 10 Santa points.

Enough bollards from me, hope you had a good one, we’re on the home run now.


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