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12 Beers of Xmas – Rogue Farms Marionberry Braggot

‘Barkeep! Two Marionberry Braggots for me and my mule’

If, like me you have no idea what a Marionberry or a Braggot is, then be prepared for my effort at Edutainment. The less than humble Marionberry is apparently a hybrid Blackberry developed in the USA in the 1950’s, and is described as the Cabernet of Blackberries – bold, complex and juicier than it’s parents. Braggot is a variety of Mead, originating in Wales, brewed with Honey and Hops and Malt..

Thanks Wikipedia. I’ll donate two dollars one day, I promise.

Rogue have generously experimented and brewed this beer for our pleasure under their Rogue Farms imprint. Being a fearless, and to some extent, clueless beer adventurer I returned home from Bierhuis in Ossett with this despite having no idea what it was and despite a heftyish price tag. It’s made with some sort of berry, it’s some sort of beerish drink – how bad can it be?

It’s certainly ‘complex’. The colour is initially a dark pink, before foaming and settling into a dense, opaque purple. A smooth sweetness on the tongue gets bitterer, with a cranberry juice dryness. Rogue’s own beekeepers collected the Honey that is infused into the brew, and most of the Hops and Malts were also grown on the Rogue farms estates. Whilst I can certainly taste the Honey and the Rebel hops on the finish, it’s the bitter, earthy tartness of the Marionberry that comes to the fore.

While the abv of this beer is relatively high at 11.4% , it’s midrange compared to my previous selections but it tastes boozier than the others I’ve had in the previous days, with a whisky like after aroma that warms the sinuses.

While I wouldn’t spring for another bottle of this, it is certainly an interesting and challenging beer, it does have a Cabernet quality to it and it’s vinousness is something that wine lovers may appreciate.


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