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12 Beers of Xmas – Magic Rock Brewing Co. – Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady

Placed just behind my beer box in the Kitchen, lurking with malevolence, appearing unlabelled in the low light, this bottle has sat biding it’s time for over a year now. Add the 10 months of barrel aging prior to bottling and we have a beer that’s well into the terrible twos. Weighing in at 660ml and 10.5% abv, this is a hefty beast and one befitting it’s name.

Without a description from me, you’re already picturing a dark brown, light proof appearance. Even held up to the overhead light, there is nothing seeping through the glass aside from the few bubbles in the wispy head. As expected, a strong, sweet, bourbon aroma rises, as well as chocolate and liquorice. Quite thin feeling initially, there is a sizzle on the tongue after a roll around the mouth, and a long finish full of caramel, vanilla and coffee beans.

This edition is the 2013 release and was aged in Wild Turkey barrels before bottling. My knowledge of Bourbon is limited, but I do recall that Wild Turkey was a favourite of Hunter S. Thompson, and there is something ‘Bat Country’ circling around this beer. Rye notes could be a characteristic inherited from barrel aging, a spiciness is definitely present.

I’m going to savour the rest of the bottle now, but I’m glad I waited this long.


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