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Peak Relaxation…and the odd DIPA

Escape! After a stressy week at work we jumped in the car and headed to Buxton for a family week away. I had been looking forward to this for months, not only because of the downtime and a chance for our daughter to spend a week with my parents, but also because I had booked accommodation that was within a stumble and saunter of the Buxton Brewery Tap House…

Ulterior motive? Perhaps, but i certainly hadnt planned on spending every evening in the pub. It was by sheer coincidence and good timing that on the night of arrival, Buxton were launching Two Ton Double IPA. Honest.

Although we’d only arrived a couple of hours before, I managed to sneak out with my Dad for a couple of quick halves, and on arrival we were suitably impressed, with 8 Keg lines and 5/6 Handpulls offering my favourites from Buxton’s range and a few new additions. The Bar is uncluttered and welcoming, and with a food menu that had us salivating at first sight. Delaying the Two Ton tasting, i opted for two Beers of varying sourness – Pic Tor, a Passionfruit sour that puckered and prodded, and Bloc Head, a Farmhouse Pale which had a Gose-like quality as well as a spritzy feel.

Having indulged in two sharp, tangy Beers, my initial tasting of Two Ton was possibly a bit unreliable, and i couldnt initially detect any of the subtleties i’d hoped for. A repeat visit later in the week for another third confirmed this, with a restrained sweetness and a piney, dank aroma. The hop profile isnt quite to the fore like with other big DIPAs from other breweries, which is to be expected in a recipe with two tons of malt in the mash, but I found this refreshing in a style dominated by tongue scraping bitterness.

The venue itself is also family friendly – high chairs, friendly staff etc – and this ensured we came back as a family four days in a row. The Sunday lunch was also excellent, with a huge portion of perfectly cooked Beef.

We discussed a repeat visit to Buxton on our third day there, because of the great scenery, things to do and the lovely, compact town, but also because we were greatly enjoying having a bar like the Tap House on our doorstep.