Leeds Beer, Boozers and Breweries

Town Hall Meeting

Writhing in the abyss of a hangover, wrestling with fatigue and thirst, random images, thoughts and sentences dig their way out of the recesses of my mind. Adulterated by booze and increased sodium levels, some are fined and bright, others lost in the hazy murk of repetition. Exaltations as the phrase ‘finish him’ flashes past my eyes. Resting a glass on the roots of soft and wispy trees growing from a concrete floor surrounded by people wearing flashing headphones. A blue and red man covered in hands thrusting his many flapping fingers into the throng.

What’s clear is that Leeds International Beer Festival exceeded expectations this year. Take your average City beer fest, double the amount of Bars and Beers, add a load of food of extremely high quality, unique varied and exciting entertainment and a room of free classic arcade machine and you’ve got what amounts to a huge, friendly, bustling house party in the grandest gaff in town.

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