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#12BeersofXmas – Day One


Following the weekend’s Leeds Crimbo Crawl organised by Beer O’Clock Show and Leeds Beer Wolf, I’m in a semi-fragile state, the last thing I want is to begin this year’s #12beersofxmas countdown, especially as I haven’t got much on the list that is hangover friendly.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided on my dozen and I’ve picked out Siren’s Caribbean Chocolate Cake to start with. A 7.4% ‘Tropical’ Stout, this was raved over last year by others so I thought I’d get this year’s edition on my list.

Rather than just sipping my way through the list by myself, I’ve decided to rope in the people that I’ll be spending my Christmas with to taste the beers and give their opinions. This will mostly be my Wife, Becky, but others will be joining in as and when.

First thoughts, Rummy. Rummy rummy rummy, with a Strong coca booziness and a bit of Coconut aroma too. Definitely punching its weight, if I hadn’t seen the abv, I’d have thought it stronger than 7.4. Passing the glass, it’s over to Becky for her opinion.

“I’m in no way a beer connoisseur, I know what I like and this isn’t it! It smells divine – I like the chocolate and coffee aroma but that’s as far as my positives go. It’s the type of beer Gareth will make me try so he can giggle as I recoil and my reaction to this one was just that. It tastes like cold, fizzy coffee and looks like bog water – not for me.”

Well, there you go! Devastating honesty from the boss. I do enjoy Becky’s reactions, but thought I might make a stout breakthrough here. Never mind, there’s a good range of styles on the list and one or two that will make us both very happy.
Overall, I’m pleased with my selection, an adventurous Beer with real depth.


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