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#12BeersofXmas – Day Three


Christmas morning. Early hours. You’ve fallen asleep on the sofa after polishing off three Mince Pies, half a Carrot and a bottle of Imperial Stout that was left ‘for Santa’. A strange noise is coming from the TV screen, you wake to see interference, a figure appears, emerging through the screen…

It’s an Elf.

A terrifying Elf that looks like the lovechild of Andrew Castle and Lord Charles. The only explanation is that you drunk the whole bottle of Weird Beard’s Heaven Hill BA Sadako and this is a Ringu-esque night terror.

That’s because, this is the sort of Beer that will populate your dreams. It smells like a Pancake stack, dripping in Maple Syrup and Dark Belgian Chocolate sauce, with a frothy Mocha bitterness and a sweet Bourbon finish. With no burn or harshness but a definite hit of Kentucky Brown Gold. I didn’t have much optimism that Becky would like this one, but finally, a Stout winner!

“When Gareth poured this one out I’d already decided I wouldn’t like it. The look and smell of it were in line with the beers I usually avoid – I was however pleasantly surprised! There was no horrible bitterness, it’s smooth and yummy – almost like drinking a glass of port. In the words of Willy Wonka I think this one is Scrumdiddlyumptious!”

Hooray! And I agree, even if it doesn’t taste like Snozzberries. I’m almost done with the bottle now, and even though there is a serious richness it never overpowers the subtleties lent from Barrel aging.

Now, pass this review on to someone else, and pray they drink this Beer within a week.


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