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#12BeersofXmas – Day Four


Day Four already, and I’ve settled into the routine now – Dinner, Bubba to bed, and Beer. Tonight’s effort slighly delayed by wrapping, luckily everything I bought was boxed so no embrassing scrunchies required!

Nothing boxy about tonight’s Beer. Buxton’s Anglo Mania is a Barley Wine that fell into my usual pattern of Barley Wine purchases – bought, shelved, occasional wary glance followed by pondering if I should finally open it, shelved further until I have a reason to indulge. This is why I look forward to 12 Beers of Xmas.

Anglo Mania is a single hop, single malt Barleywine, bottled early autumn 2014 and left abandoned in my kitchen since early this year. Pouring with a surprisingly dense head, there’s notes of caramelised apples and candied citrus. Plenty of alcohol bite, but not burn, like a fortified wine with the edges smoothed. Sticky sweet and moreish, I could drink a bomber of this easily. I could tell this was another hit with Becky too, mostly because she’d half emptied the glass!

“Another one I expected not to like but was pleasantly surprised. This may come as a surprise but it took me back to my days as an alter girl and stealing the sacramental wine at church! It tastes like Madeira wine and honey and I could quaff it all day long! Amen!”

With a few other Barley Wines on the list, Anglo Mania has set a high standard, and I’ll be looking out for more on the dusty shelves of bottles shops, just in case.


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