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#12BeersofXmas – Day Five

imageToday has been my first day off from work of the Christmas period and it’s safe to say I’ve already indulged a bit. Christmas themed play, followed by Steak and a Pint at lunch, final Beer shop of the year and Cheese and Mince Pies for tea.

Tonight’s Beer is a more modest one than I’ve had so far this week, so hopefully i won’t be racked with indigestion tonight. Brewed for the 2014 Rainbow Project, Pogonophobia is a collaboration between Magic Rock and Evil Twin, designed as their interpretation of a Flanders Red.

Aged in Red Wine Barrels for 8 months prior to release, there’s a dry vinousness along with an oaky aroma and the requisite sour, tart finish. Mellower than, say, a Duchesse de Bourgoigne, and all the more boshable for it, I’ve finished my glass in about ten minutes. I’d like to say the extra year or so maturing in my kitchen had added a further dimension, but honestly, I thought the Beer to be well rounded and accomplished at first tasting, and should’ve bought a few more. Becky is similarly appreciative of tonight’s Beer.

“After days of some hardcore drinking I really didn’t feel like more beer tonight. However once I got my nostrils in the glass I changed my mind! I would say the smell is more wine than beer with the berry aroma. The taste is very subtle but again more fruity than beery and far too easy to drink. This one is my new favourite and my bestest – if there is a Santa he’ll be filling my stocking with Pogonophobia tonight!”

Sadly, unless Santa has an extremely comprehensive Beer cellar, he probably won’t be able to get one, so all the better we enjoyed it tonight.


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