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#12BeersofXmas – Day Six

imageTonight’s Beer is Evil Twin’s Freudian Slip, a Barley Whine. Christmas Day has knackered us all out and along with bellyache, I’ve now got Downton Scabby to contend with. Thank the baby Jebus for strong Beer.

Anglo Mania set the bar high the other night for the style, and first impression on the pour is of a Beer with sharper corners. Teak in colour, slight piney aroma but with a pointed bourbon finish, it’s less refined and more acidic than Wednesday’s Beer. Which isn’t to say it’s less enjoyable, but it’s not one I’m racing through.

Bit of a swill, and some Vanilla and Cardamom notes are released on the tongue, but honestly it’s a bit more one-note than the other Beers I’ve had since Sunday. Becky was also not overly impressed.

“Probably the worst evening for me to have to formulate an opinion on anything! My Christmas morning starts with a Buck’s Fizz and goes down hill from there so I’m already a bit pickled. On sniffing this one it’s not dissimilar to last nights offering but it’s like the ugly sister. On taking my first sip it reminded me of the reaction of my two year old little girl to vegetables and I nearly exclaimed ‘YACKY!’. This is one of the drinks that I’ll add to the list of beers that make me gurn in disgust. Less of a Freudian slip and more a Freudian gip!”

She’s not joking, she is a bit pickled. My boozing today has been restrained, but even so I’m a bit tired of this two-thirds of the way down. Never mind, I’ve got ten cans of IPA in the fridge to revive me.


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