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#12BeersofXmas – Day Seven

imageBoxing Day. For us that usually means a long drive, this time from Yorkshire to Kent. Three Beers were packed for days Seven to Nine, plus a couple of extras, in full knowledge that fridge space would be at a premium. Unseasonably mild weather too, so I’m either going to have to eat everything or drink late in the evening. Luckily, tonight’s Beer is fine to be served just below room temperature, so I’ve stuck it on the exterior window ledge.

Beavertown’s Barrel Aged Moose Fang is an imperial India brown ale, aged in Armagnac barrels, with Cacao nibs, Orange zest, and frankly, all shorts of shiz. Brewed in collaboration with Bellwoods Brewery of Toronto, it comes in a slightly odd sized half-litre bottle with a bit of Moose Ultraviolence on the label.

Pouring with a rapidly vanishing head, there’s a gentle carbonation, flavours of Figs and Dates backed up with the Cacao/Orange choco zing and a deep warmth of Cognac/Brandy on the finish. Nothing overly harsh on the palate however, and it drinks well for 10% abv. Pretty impressed with this overall, which is to be expected when Beavertown are involved. India brown ale is probably one of favourite styles at the moment, and the extra process and ingredients give this a complex edge on top.

As I’m back in the Kentish coastal hood for a few days, I’ve roped my Sister into giving us her thoughts on tonight’s Beer.
“The initial aroma reminded me of the Christmas pudding I had soaked in brandy and recklessly set alight the day before. As I sipped, I received a hit of spice which quickly turned to a caramel warmth – not as cloying as the chocolates I have spent today scoffing but sweet all the same. The aftertaste and mouthfeel put me in mind of a chocolate stout or bold red wine. I’m not a regular real ale-r but I really warmed to this one. Fangs for the taster (oh come on, it’s Christmas!).”

As you can see, the mirthfulness runs in the family! Another winner all round, and with something extra special to look forward to tomorrow, it’s been a good Christmas for Beer.


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