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#12BeersofXmas – Day Eight

imageTonight’s Beer is eagerly anticipated, and my first from a Brewery whose Beer is relatively scarce in the UK. Today’s been the third consecutive day of present opening, and coupled with a bit of fresh air and a couple of pints I’m ready to go deep into something sour.

Almanac Beer Co is based in San Francisco, although they are currently Gypsy brewing, or as they term it ‘Partner’ brewing, and as well as a small core range they pride themselves on their Farm to Barrel range. The range is based around the principle of collecting the pick of local seasonal fruits and creating their interpretations of classic brewing styles around them. There’s currently 32 different Farm to Barrel variations listed on their site, so it’s clear this is serious business for them.

The beer I have tonight is Dogpatch Sour, a Flanders Red, brewed with Cherries and aged for 8 months in red wine barrels. Pouring well from the spiffy bottle, the colour is akin to Watermelon juice, and the Cherry aroma immediately fills my nostrils. Given that sourdough yeast was used in fermentation it’s not surprising that there is also a lactic twang in the finish, complemented by the acidic, vinous mouthfeel. Tonight’s volunteer is my mum, who’ll have a sip of anything Beery, but isn’t into this.

“Oh dear I’m really not sure about this beer. Took me a while to realise what the taste reminded me of then I suddenly remembered – a really sour cider & I think my tongue will take a time to recover. Sorry Gareth but this really isn’t one for me!”

I’m off to the Pub now for the evening, hence the early post, but I’m already wondering what I can have that will match up to this. The sourness is powerful with this one, and it’s certainly a contender for top Beer of the series.


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