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#12BeersofXmas – Day Nine


Another day, another sour red Beer. Not that I’m complaining as such, but I could have planned the order of my choices a bit better. Final day with the parents today, and after the horrified reaction of my Mother to yesterday’s Almanac Dogpatch Sour, I’ve retreated from offering this one to her again.

Not that Wild Beer’s Beyond Modus (2014) is as face suckingly Tart as the Dogpatch Sour, although there is a Lambic like sweet dryness. Double Blended and Double Barrelled is the description on the bottle, and whilst that could also describe some toffs with a slightly larger than normal gene pool it sufficiently sums up the depth and complexity of the Beer as well.

Cranberry-red in colour, there’s a huge waft of Cherries from the pop of the cap onwards as well as a quite savoury, milky note whic reminds me a bit of Lassi. The Cherry flavours dominate, but red wine, oak and wild flowers also feature and adulterate the sweetness into a multi-layered Sour tongue twister.

“I do love a sour and this one doesn’t disappoint. I’m a fan of Wild Beer anyway so wasn’t surprised that I really liked it. I wasn’t 100% sure when I sniffed it – there was something savoury about it, like gravy and cranberry sauce combined. This may well be a result of the copious amount of Christmas dinners I’ve consumed over the last week! When I drank some though I got all the yummyness I like in a sour – fizzy, fruity and tingley on the tongue! Now I just need to work out how to distract Gareth while I guzzle the lot!”

Well, when there’s Beer in the room, I’m not easily distracted, and ill be finishing the rest of the bottle myself. Wild Beer never disappoint, and where Barrel-aging in particular is concerned, they are probably the UK’s leading producers of exceptional, densely flavoured Beer.


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