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#12BeersofXmas -Day Eleven


On day eleven, I’ve finally begun to feel slight Beer fatigue. I think, by and large, my choices this year have been good, but faced with the fifth sour, red beer of the period I’ve chosen to bring a sub off the bench. Burning Sky’s Flanders Red is almost certainly an excellent beer, but I need a change and so I’ve told Mikkeller’s 1000 IBU to take the tracksuit off.

I’m hoping for an instant impact, and the piney waft emanating from the bottle could melt candle wax, cure colds and revive a cadaver. Unsurprisingly, the bitterness levels have similar effects, although I quickly got used to them, and I wouldn’t say that the astringency is noticeably in excess of most big bottle double or triple IPAs. Big billing aside, and perhaps in contrast to the other ten beers, this is incredibly moreish and with a sip pale sweetness. Becky’s not normally into big IPAs, so I passed the glass and waited for her verdict.

“Another day ANOTHER beer! On getting my nostrils around this beer I liked it – it smells a bit fruity with a hint of sherbet. But alas it was less dib dab and more Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans (sly Harry Potter reference there!) – the flavour being ear wax! Not for me – again!”

Ah well, brutal honesty is what I’ve comes to expect and enjoy over the years. One more day to go, and Mikkeller will be making another appearance, with one of the year’s most talked about Beers.


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