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#12BeersofXmas – Day Twelve



Thank fupp, we’ve made it. 12 Beers down (almost) and then I can get back to skulling Skol rather than all this ‘craft’. After all, we only drink to get pissed anyway, right? What’s with all these weird beers with their odd names, silly ingredients and stupid prices – might as well jump on the bandwagon and brew myself, some gullible fool will buy it.

Of course, this doesn’t reflect my opinions, but the latter part of it is almost verbatim from a conversation I overheard at work, and a couple of years ago I might have had the similar thoughts if Mikkeller’s Spontanbasil had been offered to me. The sheer WTF reaction to this Beer, including from me, reflects how even within craft brewing there are still unexpected directions in which boundaries can be pushed, and while there are always horrendous failures there is also brilliance.

Spontanbasil falls into the latter for me. Tasting notes are almost redundant – it’s a Gueuze, fermented in Oak with fresh Basil leaves, so it’s tart, lemony, oaky and BASIL BASIL BASIL BASIL BASIL. BASIL. Everywhere. In the nose, on the finish, round the back, down the hatch. But, it’s not actually overpowering, just ever present. This was designed to pair with food, and I could pretty much pair it with every meal. Shredded Wheat and Spontanbasil, Cheese and Ham toastie and Spontanbasil, deep fried Mars bar and Spontanbasil. It’s a beer for entertaining, with friends or alone, try it with a pipe!

” ‘Are you going to Scarborough Fair – basil, basil, basil’ I knew as soon as I got a wiff of tonight’s offering I was gonna hate it. It tastes exactly like I imagined it would – like I should be in a dressing gown at a health spa drinking something green and funky to cleanse my innards. I can’t drink it as beer and certainly wouldn’t drink it even if it was good for me!”

I knew I should’ve got her a pipe for Christmas. I could drink this all night, if it wasn’t for the rather exorbitant price tag which is the only negative. Can’t wait for Spontanasafoetida.


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