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12 Beers of Xmas – Maisel – Maisel and Friends – Marc’s Chocolate Bock

Grooooo…flagging a bit now! 9th day in and I’m ready for a day off from quality beer. Never thought I’d say that! It may have been the monstrous burger I ate earlier, but I’m struggling to bring myself to open this one. Anyway, here goes…

Pouring a rich, dark brown, the initial aroma is of a good single malt whisky and and mulling spices. A rich, full roast malt flavour is followed by a dark chocolate bitterness, but without a cloying sweetness. The notes (assuming my basic German hasn’t faltered) say that this is the Brewer’s bittersweet interpretation of Irish stouts, and it certainly comes across in the mouthfeel and finish, with the more traditional toasty Bock characteristics also present.

Despite my initial beer fatigue, I’m enjoying this, and as I pour the final third of the bottle I wish I’d had it earlier in the week. A day at work awaits me, so I fully expect my enthusiasm to have returned by 5pm tomorrow.